I'm Addie, the artist / designer behind The Clipart Shop and Wooly Pronto.

My background is in fashion design, but I have always been interested in building businesses and selling things online. As a teenager, I ran my own clothing business, selling designs I sewed on Etsy and at craft sales. But once I graduated college and entered the "real world", my entrepreneurial endeavors took a backseat to my career.

But on the side, I was always trying to find something that worked, that I enjoyed doing, that I could make money at. I tried a lot of different things, from blogging to YouTube. On a whim, I started painting watercolor. Then I listed some clipart online. It sold - so I did more of it. Over the course of a year, I was able to see my small shop grow to almost 3000 sales, and most importantly, I had found something I really enjoyed.

I love helping graphic designers streamline their workflow with my illustrations, and I've found it so fulfilling to share the things that I've learned with others. So I want to make it my priority to help others do what I've done - helping them reach their financial goals through passive income!